Q) Is Welding use to make art?
A) Yes, Many artists use Welding to create their works of art.

Q) Can welding be done under water?
A) Yes, this is called submerged welding.

Q) Can Anyone Weld metals?
A) It is not a good idea to just let anyone weld metals, you need to have a lot of experience to be able to weld correctly.

Q) Can welding be used to fix Gate?
A) Yes, almost all repairs to gates are done using welding methods

Q) Can woman use welding machines?
A) Any mature Man or Woman can use welding machines as long as they have the experience first.

Q) Why does welding sometimes go black?
A) This happens when the area is not clean and if there is too much gas flow.

Q) Can I weld my burglar bars on the window?
A) All Burglar bar are welded onto the frames for security reasons