1) I needed my gate welded are it broke on the hinges, Contacted Welding Johannesburg and they had the welding completed in no time – No more Stress – Q Pichard. – Westdean

2) Wanted my steel roof welded to new poles, Welding, Johannesburg took care of it and with no problems – Really impressed – V Given, Beyers Park

3) Had a few questions on welding types that I may need – so help and friendly – F Dickson – Weston Ext

4) I asked about some welding art and they didn’t think I was mad – Happily impressed – T Roets – Cloverdean

5) Had to refit all the security gates to their frames, was done in no time and looked like new – I Du Toit, Cryildean

6) Only the best service I have ever received – Truly surprised – W Howards – Cinderella Park

7) My Gate was driven into and damaged, I was told welding was the way to go, Welding Johannesburg has it sorted out so fast for me – the welding pro’s – D Frost – Sebenza