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When it comes to welding there are so many kinds that it is easy to get confused Welding Erasmuskloof has many different types of welding and the professionals are here to make all your welding requests a dream come true with metal arc welding which is the most common is used for many different things and is also known as stick welding or manual metal arc welding and even Flux shielded welding that uses an electrode covered consumable with the flux to lay the weld.

Welders Erasmuskloof
Welders Erasmuskloof

We offer Arc welding is an intense heat that is able to melt metal and is produced by an electric arc and is used to join metal to Metal by using electricity. All metals can be welded however to a certain extent there are some clear disadvantages and advantages to each kind stick welding can be used to weld iron copper and even aluminium or TIG welding which is a more precise weld and produces a cleaner weld MIG welding or arc welding methods. Some welding jobs may require different welding methods so we may suggest TIG welding which in general gives higher quality and a stronger weld and in some cases MIG welding or other welding methods will be needed for the Pacific jobs as they are required by you.

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For more information visit – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welding

Welding, Erasmuskloof
Welding, Erasmuskloof

There are many different types of steel and stainless steel and people are often surprised to learn that there are much more than one. When preparing to weld your metals it is important for us to clean before welding you may not realise how important it is as during welding you may find that some impressions may be found especially if someone is grinding close to where the welding is taking place.

When welding Steel it can come with both benefits and challenges and when done correctly welding can produce a beautiful and professional results that will make your requested welding all that much better making it so much more appealing to you, our client so when needing the best welding call Welding Erasmuskloof and we will take care of all your welding needs that no one will ever match our standards at Welding Erasmuskloof we are the welding crew that are here for you every day.

So whether it be those few small welding items or a huge welding project remember Welding Erasmuskloof will take care of it all as if it were the most important welding ever needing to be completed, at Welding Erasmuskloof you are our number one everytime and everyone and their needs are as important to us, so why not give us a call and see what we can do for you in every area for home or business be it the welding of gates, frames and then that wrought iron patio table set that you got from grandma that needs a bit of attention from the welding team at Welding Erasmuskloof.

We are at your service no matter what